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Writing in the public square presents unique challenges requiring precision and nuance. Communicating religiously-informed principles to a non-religious audience (like a church to policy makers) requires a kind of cultural translation. Matt’s 8 years in a government relations office gave him experience with variety of writing styles, including the following:

  • Op-eds (Example.)

  • Advocacy documents (i.e., “one-pagers,” sign-on letters) *

    • Training for how to write advocacy documents is also available.

  • Topical explainers (Example.)

  • Academic book chapters (Example.)


Podcasting for institutions

Podcasting is maturing into a mainstream communications medium. The barriers to entry are low and the cost of distribution is next to nothing. Any company or institution can make one, right? While not every organization should produce a podcast, sometimes there is a desire without plan or resources. One organization might struggle to get internal buy-in while another moves quickly but creates a production beast that is unsustainable and burdensome to staff. Podcasting for an institution, for many reasons, is fundamentally different than doing it independently.

Matt’s career includes a decade of traditional broadcasting, 5 years as a podcast host, and 17 years as employee of an institution representing the largest network of churches in North America. From conception to training to launch, he can help your team craft a streamlined podcast that fits your budget, your staff, and your communication strategy,


Training - AUdio For Worship

Bad or inconsistent sound production distracts worshippers, whether in traditional sanctuaries or contemporary worship centers. Even churches with great acoustics and brand new gear complain about sound issues. Proper acoustics and professional gear are worthy investments but the missing link is a comprehensive team training that increases the skill of the techs and translates between musicians and techs.

Earlier in my career I trained as a professional audio engineer in Music City, USA. From my childhood in the church I have been surrounded by trained vocalists, musicians, and theologians who think deeply about music and worship. I’m an amateur musician myself and continue to manage audio production at my own church. Those experiences led me to develop curriculum for worship production that 1) begins with theology & ecclesiology, 2) teaches basic audio principles, then 3) customizes practical strategies to equip your team to pursue excellence and reduce distractions. Whatever the size of your church, I can scale a training plan for you.